Face Tracking Deformer

Does anyone know how to use a 3rd party rigged face mesh with the face tracking deformer? Or does anyone have a full head mesh that works with the face tracking deformer + face tracker? All I’m getting is some very weird and distorted shapes, though they are still sensitive to motion. If there’s an explanation about what is needed in a face mesh for it to work with the face tracking deformer, I would really love to learn about it since the manual info is pretty lacking. Here’s a project file with associated .objs and .fbxs to try:


The face tracking deformer isn’t designed for 3rd party meshes, its based on a specific number of vertices and deforming those - that’s why the shape looks so off. To be blunt, the kind of functionality your going for isn’t available at present sadly. Hopefully it’s something we can address in the future.

– Ryan