Extract rotation values from skeleton joints


I’m running into a strange issue that I can’t seem to figure out. I have a skeleton fbx from mixamo that is being animated with data from a motion capture suit. I’m trying to use the rotation of the spine to control the rotation of a box without controlling the position x, y, or z. It seems that I can either parent the box to the spine node or connect the spine node to the transform modifiers input of the box to link both positional and rotational data to the box. However, if I attempt to use an extractor node to extract rotation (heading, pitch, or bank) from the spine, the rotational data is not available as a source envelope. If I try to connect the spine node to only the rotation heading, pitch, and bank of the box, there is no reaction. If I parent the spine node to the box node and uncheck the position x, y, and z options in the inherit transform channels menu of the box, there is no reaction with the mixamo skeleton fbx but it cancels all modification with the xsens skeleton fbx. I don’t think this problem is affected by the source of the data- mocap, kinect, or nvidia will probably all react the same. It seems to be a deficiency in the skeletal model, but I’m not sure which skeletal models have this feature. Here is a link to the test dfx with two different skeletal models- one I downloaded from mixamo and another I got from the xsens team. If anyone happens to know of a different skeletal model that does make joint rotational data available, I’d really love to test it out!



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