Expected keyer performance?

I’m planning a virtual production system with standalone servers running unreal and notch in parallel.

System is threadripper 32 core/3090 24GB/64GB ram

I feel like i’m having issues with the performance of the chroma keyer in Builder. Even when i’m running just the notch keyer with 4 1080p50 SDI inputs keying out the 3090 seems to start get overloaded, task manager showing almost 100% usage and Notch system fps at about 90 but sometimes being unstable and dropping a frame here and there. I feel like this is not the performance to expect from such a card keying only 1080p50 material. Unreal engine is not taking a huge load on the GPU and is not affecting notch fps too much.

Swithing on the accelerated GPU scheduling and resizeable BAR almost doubled the fps i was getting in notch, is there still some settings i’m missing out or is this typical performance? Compiling the app drops the load by quite a bit but i would like to have full control with builder at all times.


If your running out of builder, drops in frame rate and lesser performance are to be expected - Builder is not a live performance tool. In Builder, the UI and lots of under the hood processes are constantly running to maintain the editor, these processes will impact performance occasionally. I’m little surprised resizable bar support improved performance that much, good thing to keep in mind that.

But to summarise, if your going for a live use case where performance is the priority, then you need to export to standalone. If you want to edit a standalone project you can use network editing, but again this isn’t designed for live performances, so frame drops are to be expected.

– Ryan

Problem solved by installing a second GPU in system. :smiley: