Downloaded/Installed but crashes on Startup over DirectX11. I have DirectX11 though

Hello, I downloaded Notch to try it and after install it gave me an error in the windows saying it requires Direct X 11. Though I have an NVidia 1070 card which runs my 3d applications 3d view windows quite well. I can see that the Nvidia shows both openGL and DirectX are running.

I have read another thread about Duet Display but I never installed or ran an app called duet display on this computer. Its still a windows7 computer due to my 3d application needs at the moment.

It is also a Dual CPU system with 8 cores in all.

Is there a way to run Notch in a configure setup mode so that I can tell it not to run Duet Display or is there another installer that does not look for Duet Display?

Thanks for any help. :slight_smile: