Dante - Capture sound problem

Hello Notch,

I will perform with Notch in 2 weeks. I am using Dante for the sound, OSC and NDI.

Seems that Notch doesn’t support Dante correctly. I am guessing it’s a problem of sample rate (44,1k vs 48k). Sound is passing, but not accurate/unusable. OSC works fine.

(I’ve tried Dante with Touchdesigner and had no problem). I also tried “capture sound” with other sound card in Notch and didn’t have the issue. It really is the way Notch is supporting Dante that doesn’t seem right. Maybe there is something I am not aware of?

Would be great to find a workaround. Dante is the most reliable workflow without latency for AV performance. I am using 3 computers on this one so Dante is ideal.

Would be great if you could help!

Thank you.