Audio Input in Notch Blocks

I can get audio into exported notch blocks sometimes but not always.

What am I missing?

I set the capture device that I would like to use in the audio midi device, is there more to it?

I also set the capture device to default as input

I am using touchdesigner as a media server and from what I can tell. I can only get audio to one notch block per TD instance

It seems that audio reactivity through capture device works on the first block that I open in the project and no others.

I tried placing the blocks in separate containers but no luck.

Is there an easy solution or do I need to go back into notch builder and expose parameters to then drive with OSC or audio from touchdesigner?

Has anyone been successful with exporting Notch Blocks with Capture Audio nodes? If I run a patch in Builder, the Capture Sound nodes work as expected. When exporting to Notch Block, the executable does not pick up the audio device.

You need to set up the correct device in the audio device in the audio devices settings. if that’s not working, send a ticket into the support team and we’ll be happy to help out.

– Ryan

Thanks Ryan! Once I manually input the ASIO device. The exported standalone picked up the device.

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Hi have any body issue with ASIO divert in Touch-designer ? (2022.31030)
Notch block work well in Notch “media server” (FXPlayerHostD3D11_x64) the same block don’t see ASIO Dante input in touch but it is not conflict of usage, block can’t see even names of channels.