Control Values With Flat Colour


Thought I’d share something I just found out.

You can control the values in your nodes with something different than a modifier node - a Flat Colour Node!

I’ve been looking for some way to control several parameters with one slider, and using the Video Sampler Modifier does work, but I love cutting a step in my workflow whenever possible.

Just drag the output of the Flat Colour into the values you want to control
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That is interesting… and definitely not supposed to happen.

What is the goal here? What’s wrong with modifiers? :slight_smile:

– Ryan

Nothing’s wrong with modifiers - but when making a lot of keys for animation it’s sometimes useful to control multiple nodes with just one slider. Like if I want to enable all of my gradients at the same time I just turn the blend mode up with one key on the flat colour.

I’ve been wanting a modifer node with just a constant value that I can animate as I see fit.

The Video Sampler Modifier is great though, and it’s very useful using multiple of those if I need different values from the same source. However, I find it easier to just hook up the flat colour to those sliders I need to go from 0 to 1.

Please dont remove this haha

Right, I guess I’m confused because everything you are describing thus far is something you can do with e.g an envelope modifier, a modifier node designed for this use case. Going this flat colour route is terrible for nodegraph readability, looks like an image is driving a float value, and it’s not immediately clear which property in the node actually drives the value in the sharpen node.

If you’re choosing this over a modifier, I’d be really interested in what the modifier is lacking that the flat colour node has.

– Ryan

Alright, to be honest I hadn’t looked into the Envelope Modfier. Assumed it was just for putting an envelope on an incoming signal.

In that case I guess using the flat color node is unnecessary, but I still think driving values with images is a pretty nifty thing. Though the video sampler modifier is probably better for it.

I guess I’ve been defeated here, but I’d like to leave a quote

“I ain’t here to break it, just see how far it bends”

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