Command line encode utility

Are there plans for a command line encoding utility similar to ffmpeg. Or better yet actual ffmpeg integration? Or a ffmpeg branch.

Related a linux based encoding options? The ability to encode on a linux based render farm would be great.

Or maybe an open source code base or formal codec specification so, theoretically, someone could port it.

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Hey Isaac,

We don’t have any plans for this currently.



Ryan. I hope you reconsider. I don’t use Linux. But ffmpeg integration would be very useful to the whole community. You’ve already done the hard part of building the actual codec.

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Finding this post 2 years later… I am guessing this still is not on the list? Greatly improving render times would be amazing with NotchLC

This would be a huge help to have ffmpeg integration, would allow for broader render integration such as cluster rendering with RenderGarden and would allow a large range of ways to preview and QC files such as with windows apps like MPV. currently there are very few apps that can actually play NLC files. Making it much harder to promote widespread adoption of the codec.

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I emailed support about this. HAP and HAPQ are already supported by FFMPEG so we can preview files there using LAV. Please implement FFMPEG support it is a PITA not having a simple solution to look at clips, amongst the points Ted and Andrew pointed out.

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Hi I also need an open/accesible way to encode NotchLC with a CLI utility in an automated workflow.

FFmpeg now can decode MOV NotchLC which is nice and I currently use it on a daily basis.

I dont necessarily need FFmpeg encoding, but I would like to see CLI encoding / automatisation.

Best, Martin

As Martin mentioned, NotchLC decoding in ffmpeg is really useful, but I’m still in need to also have an encoding option. I have automation running on some of my media server systems which currently encodes everything to HAP Q but I would love to be able to change those systems to fully utilise NotchLC instead. It would be great if you guys reconsidered your stance on this issue.


Any update on this? Being able to encode through Ffmpeg would be help us out a ton!

Hi all, is there an update about encode FFMPEG with NotchLC?