NotchLC Mac Viewer

Is there any way to look through rendered content on mac? I use kyno for checking over hap renders but have not found an alternative for notchlc renders besides bringing it back into after effects.

NotchLC on Mac is currently only supported by After Effects, Adobe Premier, and Adobe Media Encoder. I will mention to the team that Kyno is another option to look into in future though.

Hi @brianpmcmullen — there are no current plans write specific application support from our end now that we’ve made the NotchLC SDK available which enables 3rd party applications like Kyno to add support for the codec. Our Adobe plugins are really an outlier in how codec support is usually implemented.

Feel free to send a feature request to Kyno to implement support for NotchLC on their end. All they need to do is to request the SDK from us :slight_smile:

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