Notch LC on Mac ARM

Hi, the title it’s very self descriptive xP

But to be clear, I get that redoing the entire software (notch) it’s out of the question (and I understand it) but, as a media server OP, I use notchLC for almost 80% of the content. And I do a ton of content in After Effects. I don’t know if there is any plan to build the plugin (notchLC for adobe) for Mac ARM, as being able to render directly from AF or MediaEncoder (and preview it) would be an awesome feature. right now I have to export it in a lossless format and re-codify it on a windows machine. I just told you all mi life there for no reason xP. just curious about the plans regarding this :slight_smile: thanks¡¡¡¡

We are looking into it, but our main time and effort right now is being poured into 1.0. Once that is out the door, I think we’ll have more bandwidth to figure but what’s achievable for NotchLC on M series chips.

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thanks for the kick reply :slight_smile:
glad it’s in your scope :raised_hands: