Chromatic Displacement

Anyone have an idea how to recreate the chromatic displacement effect from Red Giant? I guess a mask setup and then a post fx chain on a render layer? Not sure about the fx side of things…

What does the chromatic displacement effect from Red Giant look like? :slight_smile:

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Good point, sorry. Here’s an image from a google search that sums it up quite well -

The idea is it uses a matte layer to determine the effects displacement area and intensity, and usually quite well defined turbulent or fractal noise type patterns within a shape etc. and then uses it’s own values to determine how much the image is bent within, with some abberation… it’s really good for plasma/glassy/energy looks. It would be excellent for an invisibility cloak type thing

Looks like regular displacement but with chromatic aberration added. You could probably achieve this by simply adding a Film Grading node to your displacement texture.

Mm okay will have a poke around and share my results, thanks!