Can I put the obj color data on point cloud?

I want to make Point cloud with its own color data.
However, I failed to put a color UV map in Obj File on the notch vfx, and I tried various other methods all day today, but I failed in the end.
I will appreciate if you to let me know if you know how to make what I want.
Thank you.

Which kind of original color source do you have?
Vertex color?
Obj is not support vertex color data. Better to use alembic in this case.
If you have a texture and can see it on your model then your model already have an UV
If your OBJ have no UV and you need something more then usual UV projection then better to do it in some other software (Maya, C4D, etc) and you will be able to use texture color on your particles.
Native Notch Generate UV node is also working with obj. Check example file
OBJ_UV_01.dfx (103.7 KB)