Broken mirror effect

I’m trying to create a broken mirror effect like this one:

I’ve gotten something like it using voronoi post process, but that not really what I’m going for.

What I really want to create is a voronoi texture where each white face has a clone of the input transformed in random ways. Have not been able to find a way of doing this.

Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated

Hey there,

We’ve tried a few methods to try and replicate this effect for you:
First suggestion is to voronoi fracture a plane in your 3d package of choice and bring it into Builder with Custom UVs. This might not get the rotation you’re after though. Using this method allows your white borders.
Here’s a .dfx for this method:
shatter_1 (1).dfx (177.7 KB)

Alternatively you could use clones and particles to create overlapping bubbles that would enable a similar effect. voronoi cells are just where cells that grow naturally meet, so you’re essentially making voronoi without the need of an effector.
This method allows for randomised rotation and natural growth due to the cloner system, but doesn’t allow for the white lines in between the voronoi effect.
Here’s a .dfx for this effect:
Voronoi Particles.dfx (94.1 KB)

Hope this helps,

Hi Jack !

Thank you so much ! Been banging my head agenst the wall for days trying to figure this out. The Particles method works great! Was starting to learn hlsl just to create this effect (which I’m glad I can postpone a bit now).

Played around a bit with the effect and got the lines between working as well using 3d outliner post-fx: