Audio in?

Trying to get some audio input from my mic input… struggling to find the “Audio Devices Panel” am i on some old beta or is this an ple limitation ?
Capture sound only shows “default”

Hi Patrik,

You’ve managed to stumble upon a manual page for the upcoming 0.9.18 release. In 0.9.17 - the Windows default audio capture device is used. In 0.9.18 the Audio Devices Panel allows selection.

Tx. Luke

Any eta on 0.9.18 … Pretty tired listening to an looped track : D Default in on win 10 dosen’t seam to pickup inside of notch.

We don’t really give out ETAs on releases. But let’s just say… soon.

Dammit i hate the “soon” etas …

So do I. But you’ll hate it more if we set a date and then have to slip it due to a last minute bug discovery. :slight_smile:

I am great at making bugs! finding them as well. Send me the beta now and i will make tons of bugs especially for you! . hehe I already found one. If you import an c4d with 2 materials an pipe an sound modifier or any mod to lets say glow on mat 2 it will animate both materials. Even if you drag an mod to mat2 it will stick to mat1. This happens if you dont use the mat node and pipe straight to the object node.