Animating a 3D Character with a Kinect

Hello everyone,

I’m an Italian 3D artist who started to use Notch Builder recently.

For a project, I would like to import a fully rigged 3D avatar character (fbx scene) into Notch builder, then animate it in real time using a Mocap system based on a Kinect4.

I read through the manual and looked for some information online so I got an approximate idea on how to do it.

However, I’m wondering if there is a video tutorial or training source which shows the exact procedure to undertake.

Unfortunately I didn’t find them online. There are tutorials only for using a Kinect for VFX but it’s not my case. I’d need to use Kinect to move live the skeleton of a 3D character.

Do you have any suggestion on how to do it?

Thanks a lot.

Berto Mora has a tutorial about using Kinect Azure, later in the tutorial there is a rigging section. I also Armin has a tutorial on that

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