Alembic loading in ram or disc?


I’m loading big ABC meshes from Houdini I found that I have 128 GB of ram
and some of them crash, is there a way to load from the disc?


At some point, they will have to live in memory, so I’d start with the basics here and see if you can’t optimize those scenes before loading them. Also, it is probably worth finding out why they crash on load; I wouldn’t be so quick to assume that it’s a RAM issue.

Thanks, Bent, true but have been testing a bit so the ABC files I have now are around 84,3 GB
and other tools like blender or c4d read it no prob really fast but notch crashes ( after long load), and I can see it’s the ram that runs out and it crashes? might be importing different from other tools

But if I load 10 ABC files each around 10GB its seems to work?

Also, another quite strange thing is when I use the Geo export node and export a fairly complex mesh
Notch can’t re-import it without crashing, then loading it into Houdini it open after 1 sec load time
and is all black,I then need to use the convert node and then VDB remesh it and then run it out again as ABC to be able to work with it ?

Ahh and forgot there is points that is outside the mesh i need to blast?