4k Video Freezes after 30 secs

Hey all, not sure if this is a bug or if there is a gotcha here I dont know about.
I’m trying to process some 4k video footage in Notch. Although im not a noob, (kinda feel like one right now) this is my first time using longer video files in notch Approx 5 mins each.
I re-encoded the files with Notch LC codec, they play fine outside of notch (QT, VLC, Media Encoder)
I extended the timeline in Notch to match the longest clip
but I when I play back the file in Notch it gets hung at exactly 30 secs, and just freezes. FPS is steady, no Spikes in CPU or GPU. any other animation, etc continues un-interrupted
VRAM usage is about 1.5gb although it is a 40gb file once encoded to Notch LC…could this be the issue?
Ive checked the timeline and made sure all my nodes extended the entire length
Is it a buffer limit?, file size limit? are there ways to adjust this
or can you just not bring in clips +30 sec at 4k
Is this a Bug? or am I doing something wrong?, i cant seem to figure it out. i really hope its something stupid like I needed check 'this box" or something and everything works
I would send the file to issue reporting, but it would have to include 40gb video files, in an otherwise very very simple .dfx file

I9 12 core
128gb RAM
RTX 2080ti

Hi there and welcome to the Notch forums! There’s no limitation or known bug or issue with playback of 4k files (in any codec), so this feels like it has to be something else. You mention you’ve extended your timeline nodes to go beyond 30 seconds (which is the default length of a new layer), but it could still be related to this. For example if you have missed a node or an effect that stops at 30 seconds. Could you perhaps post a screenshot of your timeline settings and node graph?

Hey Bent, thanks for your suggestions. I had checked the length of every node in timeline they are all the full 5mins. I ended up sucking it up and I just transcoded the videos to 1080p. Popped them in the same node and it worked as it should. It’s still kind of a bummer that the 4K files wouldn’t play all the way through.
I even did test with just a video loader node nothing else and it did the same thing froze at approx 32s secs with the 4K file.

Sounds like something funky is going on. I’d kindly ask you to send in your file(s) to support and have them take a look at them. There’s always an off-chance you’re hitting some sort of edge case somewhere in the chain. https://www.notch.one/support/contact-us/ (I’m assuming your files are quite large, and if so; please pack them all together in a ZIP and host them on Dropbox, WeTransfer etc. Just remember not to put an expiry date on the transfer)