3dCoat Voxel live input


Maybe it’s ultra crazy to think that’s possible, but it wil be amazing a live link between your voxels and your stuff from 3dCoat directly into the procedural node. Voxels with voxels.

Kinda the way you can paint in photoshop directly on your touchdesigner, but in Notch and in voxels.

It can be the most mindblowing stuff ever made for real time art.

The 3dcoat developers are very open minded and fast workers, they implement lots of stuff and links with other softwares.

Kind Regards

If you’re talking about painting with voxels as opposed to general sculpting, you could do it with particle emitters from a 6DOF ‘brush’ (coordinate stream from LEAP etc - this would need to be processed externally and handled as OSC coordinate messages for example) with a trigger tired to Emission Rate for flow control. Then just mesh with the procedural meshing tools.

No, I’m talking sculpting, masking, cutting, all the 3d coat glory (really nice voxels operations), in a direct send voxel data to the procedural root (it’s voxels as well). It can be the most mindblowing stuff in real time right now.