3:2 cadence effect

All, I am trying to finesse a “film” temporal effect out of Notch and currently I am using the Frame Buffer and Frame Feedback to slightly posterize the time base to look more “filmic”. It’s working pretty well but not exactly what I want.

What ideally I want to do would be to induce a specific 3:2 cadence of repeat frames, or “reverse-telecine” an incomming 30fps camera signal into a 24fps look within a 30fps timebase.

Is there a way to script or build a very specific frequency into the frame buffer that would pass through frames ABC as ABC but then frame D is repeated twice (ABCDD) and frame E is dropped?


Maybe you could use a feedback node and hook the blend amount up to a modifier with a decay that’s just two frames long?

Thanks for the suggestion, I will look into it.

Right now I can’t get the frame buffer to work on the server but it does work in Notch so this might not be possible to do as I have approached it.