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What is the proper method to speed up image sequence or pre-rendered video file based on the audio level? I managed to do the trick - but I couldn’t inject the optical flow node into the graph - in order to have properly calculated motion-vector based in-between-frames for the speed-ups and slow-downs (according to the audio-level of the imported sound-file). Is there a global-switch for calculating in-between frames like it was in aftereffects? Or is there an alternate method to build this feature?

Many thanks in advance!

Hey there,

I don’t think we have a way to do slow motion effects just yet - that system you have there is a pretty good way to speed up time though.



Thanks, by the way this was the end result - all done in Notch (ok, a bit like a COVID-times gitch) - After I finished it came to my mind just to put some music and I didn’t want to reopen the project - just to have some audio-sync.

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Nice one!

I’ll make a note of it as something to discuss with the dev team, but it won’t be possible any time soon.

– Ryan

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