Weird Kinect 2 skeleton behavior


I’m trying to control a model with the Kinect 2.
Followed this tutorial:

Everything works except when walking, the model - even the one in the example file - is behaving really strange. I made a video (This is using the example file):

Can anyone help me locate the problem?

Thank you!

Hey there,

At a guess, I suspect the Kinect 2 is getting the axis of the legs mixed up, and that’s being reflected in the Kinect skeleton node. Do you see the same issue with Derive rotations on / off?



Hey Ryan,

thank you for the answer!

In the video I provided, “Derive Rotations” is turned on.
When I turn it off, it looks even more weird and arms and legs don’t seem to match up at all.

Hey Ryan, do you have any other ideas as to why this is not working properly?
I was also able to spot the problem in the following videos:


Thank you!

Hey There,

Apologies for the delay in response, sadly there isn’t too much we can do, the Kinect SDK sends us the data, so any artefacts that come up are usually errors in the data that comes from the Kinect Skeleton - If you want more accurate skeletal tracking, you may have to look at alternative solutions than Kinect.