Webcam feeds not working in standalone


I have contacted support already but wondering if anyone else knows, as I am really under some tight time constraints. I have a project that uses a video In null, and applies some basic thresholding to it.

This works fine in the builder but when exporting an .exe no video feeds work. Neither getting the video feed from a Kinect v2 nor from a Logitech webcam. The Kinect depth data come in fine, but no video.

I thought maybe using depth and video counted as 2 feeds, but it doesn’t work if I disable Kinect depth data and just use 1 video stream either.

I have media Foundation on, I tried without but got some horrible results with low framerates or no video at all.

Thanks for your help


For anyone else as stupid as me…
The reason video feeds were not coming in was because notch builder was still open.

Spent 3 days trying to debug this.