Way to trigger clips via midi?


I was wondering if there’s a way to trigger clips from the start of the clip via a midi note? Like you might do in resolume or other vj software. I can do various filters of the midi to turn the clip on, but it won’t trigger it from the start of the clip. I wonder if this might be impossible due to the way notch is constructed…


Have you tried a combination of the Jump to time node & Loop time node?
You can feed the midi note to them.
They are both under the logic nodes.

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Hmm, that’s interesting, I hadn’t played with the logic stuff yet. I can get a whole layer to trigger if I do a jump to time, and “rejump while active”. But, I guess that’d need a whole separate layer for each thing that loops, right? It seems to jump the whole layer, even if it’s separated by render layers.

I guess that’s ok, just seems a roundabout way of things…

Thanks for that!

Not necessarily, I’m not sure what you want exactly but this is how I would do it if you want multiple clips on the same layer.

  1. You can stagger the clips in the timeline and have them be triggered to play by using a Jump to time node on a midi note
  2. Have them at overlapping in the timeline and then trigger them to be visible by midi
  3. Use a combination of 1&2 depending on your use

(If someone has a better option please let me know because this way sucks and takes forever plus it is definitely not as flexible as I would like)

Hey NAthan;

yeah that’s a good idea. I’m more looking into it as a general thing, there’s not a specific project I’m trying to achieve. I reckon your way is as good as any, I’ve looked around at a few options, and while a few work, it seems to involve even more running around as your way.


Also, I forgot to mention to pipe all of the ‘staggered’ clips into a single video null (should help with performance) :+1: