Control one parameter with multiple Midi Modifiers

Sorry for the presumably newbie question, but i can’t figure out how to control ONE parameter with MULITPLE Midi modifier at the same time. I have an input of multiple midi notes that all should trigger the same parameter (in my case switching on a particle emitter every time a note is triggered). I have all my midi modifiers with the specific midi note events set up, but Notch only triggers the very last one in the row, apparently due to the node hirarchy of Notch. Any clue how to combine all these midi note inputs to trigger the same parameter would be highly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance!

Hard to say without a DFX, but at a guess, you may have all the midi modifiers set to replace the value in the particle emitter, rather than add or something. if it is replace, that would make sense as each property is overwriting the previous property, so stacking the inputs that way is kind of pointless. set them all to add, and if that fails upload the project here :slight_smile:

– Ryan

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will give it a try, thank you very much!

Hey Ryan, thanks again for your help. So far, i haven’t figured it out yet, also taking your tips into account. You may find the dfx here:

Here is the problem again: i have several midi note inputs that all should trigger the same particle emitter, actually just acting like a switch, turning the emitter on/off with every note on/off. This can’t be too difficult but i just can’t get it to work. Only the last midi modifier in the column seems to work, if i switch the order of the midi modifiers, it’s always only the last one that works. Btw. if there is a way to generally route ALL midi note events doing the same instead of having to set up a a modifier for each note i would gladly prefer this soluton. Thank you so much for your help!

Yeh it was as I said - all the modifier nodes had the operation set to replace, so they were all replacing eachother until then end, because it was simply the last one processed. I’ve changed it to add, you should see it working now.

particle-emitter-midimapped_b.dfx (42.6 KB)


damn, that was surprisingly simple :wink: Thank you soooo much, really appreciate it!

Cheers, Marcus