VRAM usage and long layers

I have been using very long layers recently to keep them from looping back and I have been noticing that my 8gb VRAM is getting filled up very quickly. I’m guessing that this is storing previous frames and data that it might use again, but does this have any significant impact on performance in any situation? If I were to playback these layers to the point where it maxes out my VRAM and then try to load a high poly mesh, would I run into performance problems? Or would it just delete data it doesn’t need from the VRAM to make room for the mesh? This would be useful info to know when choosing graphics cards.

Also are there any plans to have a universal non-looping playback mode?

Hey Spencer,

We don’t store frames unless you are using frame delay nodes. With that said, It seems very irregular for you to be running out of 8GB of VRAM - Could you send your file over to support@notch.one?



Hey Spencer,

VRAM usage can stack up with long editing sessions like yours. It depends on a lot of things and varies per node. For example If you used a 360 camera node and then deleted the node, you can see it doesnt release the VRAM it used for that automatically.

However, theres an option in the Top menu -> Project -> Purge VRAM Resources which will help. You should see your scene using the 1.5gb its supposed to again after hitting that.