VR screen capture

How to capture VR experience? When you put headset on screen becomes black. Is it possible to record experience somehow?

The best way is to use a capture card. Also, With Steam VR you can use the monitor mirror to see what the HMD sees and you can record that with something like OBS.

Thanks! Steam VR mirrors only steam welcome screen scene no matter notch app is running or not. Maybe because I am using Oculus Rift.

Is it possible to get screen mirroring working on the Oculus Rift, is it supposed to be working atm? I’ve tried the Steam VR mirror to desktop but it doesn’t work, just shows the Steam VR home screen, I can’t imagine a pass through capture card would work with the headset. I noticed the Phantom / Lost music video on the Oculus Store has screen mirroring enabled, how is that done?

Recording a Spout stream from the VR exe playback works if anyone is looking for a temporary solution.

Cool! Next time will try this.