Using Notch as a webcam output

In a recent stream with Matt Swoboda, last week I forget who hosted it sorry, but he mentions and demonstrates how he is actually outputting via Notch into Zoom, as though Zoom believes the Notch output is the webcam.

I reeeallly wanna set this up next time I’m on a Zoom call with friends and mess with them a bit!

Can anyone shed some light on how this was achieved? Not sure if Matt is active in the forum or not?


hey dude - I’ve not used this feature myself (although I think I might do so tomorrow at daily stand), but the documentation here explains how the virtual webcam works, and has mentions of e.g. Zoom:

one note: you need Builder Pro to use this feature (I don’t have that) :slight_smile:

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Ah okay, some time in the future then! Thanks for your help

Hey! Yes you will be able use NotchCam as your streaming camera in the next Builder software release, not long now. You will need a Base or Pro license to do this. Its fun! ; )


Jamie, if your interested the hosts where Cocolab & Elburz from Interactive & Immersive HQ &

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Thanks for the info!