Upscale Render Black Outuput

Hi, I’m trying to use upscale when rendering, but the output is black. Does anyone know how to use upscale?
Thank you

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Yeah I’m having the same issue.

Also finding it a bit confusing that the upsacler is present in both the render window and as a node.

When using the node, previewing results in a blank output, and rendering makes it black/empty.

I’m running a 40-series Nvidia card with latest drivers

Hey guys.

The NVIDIA AI Upscaler currently doesn’t work on 30 and 40 series cards, due to driver changes made by NVIDIA. This is something we are aware of, and are looking to solve in the future.

Any update on this? Would be great to have it working!

There is no update on this, as the driver breakage from NVIDIA has permanently broken the current implementation. With a future update to 1.0, we hope to bring it back, but for now, the feature is sadly broken and will remain so.