Recent Connections list bug


When the list of Recent Connections in the Network Connections dialog is longer than 5 items, the list scrolls back to the top when trying to select something toward the bottom of the list.

Repro steps:

  1. Create multiple connections to different remote Notch Blocks (I have seen the issue with 8 media servers and on my full system with 25 media servers)
  2. Disconnect from all remote connections
  3. Try to re-establish connections from the Recent Connections list

Expected result:

  • When selecting an IP address list beyond the initial five viewable IP addresses, the IP address will remain selected and I can reconnect to it.

Actual result:

  • The list snaps back to the top and the intended IP address is no longer selected.

Notch Builder version

Hi Andy,

Thanks for reporting this. The connections panel is getting a full redesign in an upcoming new version of Notch Builder and unfortunately the current one is unlikely to get any updates or fixes, sorry.