Particle event, using extractor to get a value out


Is it possible to extract a value when the collision hits and the remap to the modifiers ?
perhaps I’m just hooking it up wrong?


I’m not entirely sure what you’re going for there, but that’s probably the wrong approach.

The particle event node picks up particle events, and can be used to activate certain processes, e.g a collision creates a new particle, or particle dies if it goes above a certain velocity. Here’s a simple example :
ParticleEventExample.dfx (8.0 KB)

– Ryan

I wanted to be able to use collision as a trigger to be able to give me and on-off that, I could remap to other modifiers. Like every time there is a collision turn of this modifier or reset time on the beat pulse
Thought trigger value in Particle Event would spit that out?

Trigger value can be used to trigger an event on all the particle node I believe, it’s not a readable value in that way.

For what you are going for, I don’t think there is a built in solution as yet. The particle event is designed to detect events and operate on particles, not communicate that event to other nodes.

– Ryan