Particle event example

Can’t figure out how to create connections to put Particle Event into Particle system. It works with collision affector somehow but looks wrong. Do you have any simple node connection example how to use it? Thanks!

Hi, Gordey.

Here. This setup should be good enough for you to get the idea. Enjoy :wink:


Now it makes sense, thank you Andrei!

Im asking the same question, but i cant find what setup that you mean. Can you help me?

Same question here more or less.

I read the manual page but I am still doing something wrong
I am just looking for an example to learn from and the dfx mentioned above doesn’t seem to be here anymore.

It looks like the original dfx has gotten lost in the forum upgrade a few years back - so here’s something new.
ParticleEventExample.dfx (8.0 KB)

The node is being looked into closely for the next release, so some of the behaviour may change - but for now the trick is you need an emitter connected to provide a pool of particles for it to use. hopefully this dfx helps a bit.

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This is perfect.

Thank You