Extract particle positions?

Hello captains,

Is it possible to extract the positions for a particle system? I’d like to use that data and pipe into a text node at those coordinates.

Had no luck with attaching the particle nodes to the extractor node.

You’ve got two easy options:

  1. Use the Clone to Particles, and use a text node as the clone.

  2. Use a Parent To Vertex node, and use a text node as its child.

Both can work for various effects, depends what your trying to achieve.

– Ryan

Thank you Ryan.

Since I’ve already built the clone to particles system.

What I’m try to do is extract the particle coordinates for each particle. so each clone would reflect its current coordinates / positions. which is why i was reaching for the extractor node.

I’ll see if i can use the parent to vertex route and see if that works and see if I can extract the data from there.