Part particles with mouse input


I have been working on a notch patch to create a waterfall look and I am now trying to create an effect where you could part the water with an input.

This is combining some of the ideas from the ideas of the notch example with the interactive ball block.

The attached patch works however I am stuck on getting the physical object to disappear once the mouse is no longer pressed., is this something that is possible ?


Waterfall2.dfx (212.6 KB)

In this instance, I feel it would make more sense to use the mouse picker node rather than the mouse picker array node setup you are working with. (mouse picker connected to root, shape 3d child of the mouse picker.) this will keep the object visible with no mouse click.

Couple different options you could use here, the mouse picker is a reasonable option too.
Personally, I would just add a Combine Geometry between the Shape 3D and the collision affector.


Thanks for the replies I will give those a go :slight_smile: