Interactive objects

What is the correct method to control separate 3d shapes/objects with mouse click/drag?
I haven’t found any examples in the manuals.
I’m using Mouse picker to control xy positions but I don’t know hot to assign the control to separate objects.

I’d also like to know this one.

Hey Guys,

So the mouse picker wasn’t really made for this, it is just a null that follows mouse positions. It can’t select an object or anything like that.

However… I think I figured it out.

Essentially, I’ve built a system which detects if the mouse has moved to a position overlapping with a shape, then activates a corresponding null to that shape to move it. On release, the null is deactivated and the shape remains at its current position.

To be honest it kind of feels like black magic, and I’ll bring it up for discussion with the Dev team. For now, play around with the attached file. FYI - this isn’t at all perfect, if the mouse overlaps with another object it picks the highest in the nodegraph, and if you move too fast and it’ll detect you as not selecting it anymore.

But it works reasonably well otherwise.

MouseClickerMultiSelect.dfx (41.9 KB)



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Nice! I can’t wait to try this out tomorrow. Thanks @ryan.notch