Interactive Freehand Masking


I try to achieve an interactive setting - maybe on a touch screen - where something is hidden behind a blurred window and you are able to wipe the blur away.

My thoughts:
Taking an image plane with alpha and let the mouse point array generate a kind of mask but i only found Freehand Mask which can’t be used in play mode.

Is it even possible (only) in Notch?

Thanks for your thoughts and help.

Another workaround I’m playing with right now is a render to texture feeding the mask of the overlay image plane and giving the Mouse Picker control of the emission position of a 2D Field Emitter.

But I’m still hoping for smarter solutions…

Using Render to Texture would be my suggestion for this.
Add two Image 2D nodes (one blurred and one not), and a Mouse Point Array controlling a Shape 3D all parented to the RTT. Then if you add a Frame Feedback and adjust the Previous Frame Feedback, you’ll end up with a wipe effect that can be edited to last longer or blur again.

Blur Wipe.dfx (798.5 KB)


Thanks James,

that’s exact what i wanted and much simpler than my setup. Awesome.