Mask feather/soft edge

Hi! Is there a way to make a really big blur, or feather a mask? I’m trying to use Notch to make a vignette mask for an image, but the blur node seems to end at around 80 in effect size, which is no where soft enough.

Thanks! JM

Hi Jan,
For a vignette mask you can use the “gradient” node with a radial mode linked to an image 2D node.
but the easiest way is to use the vignette option in the “film grading node”.



Hi and thanks! But I need a bit of custom shape to the vignette…

Jan Martin

Maybe sent from my iPad 3s

Actually in that case it won’t do the trick.
In the next release there will be a “feather” option in the “curve mask” node.

But for now, another trick : add a glow fx to freehand mask or curve mask. depending on the situation it can help:)
you can also add a colour correction.

Right. Thanks!

Maybe sent from my iPad 3s