Lens Flares in Notch

Just wondering if there are some proven methods for adding a bit of lens flare, is it already a feature in a node somewhere that I’m missing, or are there some swizzy node setups to get a lens flare going?

If not, then a lens flare node (with input for bokeh shape :wink: ) would be a great addition!

Bokeh can be done by adding a depth of field node to your camera and turning the blurs way up on the camera and depth of field node. Just throw a glowing particle system in the background and you can get a nice effect. As far as lens flare goes…maybe a similar particle system in the foreground with depth of field? Wouldn’t work exactly like a lens flair because it won’t be aligned with the lights, but if you’re just looking for an instagram style overlay, it could work

Thanks for the info re bokeh, I had a feeling I’d seen that somewhere.

What I’m looking for really is a fully functioning lens flare, seems like something the wizards at Notch HQ could whip up one day :smile: