OSC working, but values not showing up

Howdy ~

I am super new Notch user and working on an interactive installation using OSC.

We have a working system, but I can not see the values update in the OSC node. Either in real-time or when selecting the node at a different point in the timeline when I know the value has changed. Any thoughts here? I could print the value to geometry, but that seems super silly to do for every osc node…

This is proving to make any problem solving or extensive creativity very difficult.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks Ya’ll

Is the data not getting into Notch at all, or are you just trying to get the UI to update to show the current value?

– Ryan

Hey Ryan -

I was able to identify the issue. We are using a Render to Texture Root for combining many layers into one external output. With the Render to Texture going to a NDI signal, we needed to have that layer soloed in order to send the right output.

By soloing the layer, it pauses or stops other realtime oscillating parameters from showing up on all of the other layers in the project.