Notch visca protocol


Is is possible to send visca protocoll commands over tcp or udp with notch?

Or if not, I know the command stucture, is it possible to send udp messages?

This ptz camera needs hexadecimal values for pan tilt, is this possible in notch?

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Hi rubendesnoo

Do the devices your are trying to control actually receive Visca over UDP, or are they serial inputs? (either RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485)

I wrote a Visca protocol controller for controlling Sony PTZ cameras in Max/MSP years ago. I bit of a nasty protocol for serial control compared to many others. If I remember correctly, you have to be sure not to flood the camera with PTZ commands. It has a limited command buffer and could lock up the camera if I sent messages too fast to it.

I can’t answer if you can send Hex, UDP, or serial in Notch. OSC is basically a flavor of UDP and could be used to send values to a sidecar app you could have running on the same machine that actually formats the commands in Hex. Just send the values over OSC and then let the other app deal with the messy formatting.

If I had to do it, that’s probably how I would do it.

I hope that helps

Thanks stuart!

I already stated in touchdedigner.



Awesome, great to hear.

I’ve really been enjoying using Notch in TD. Shame it takes a Pro license, but the cost was worth it to me.
Are you using Notch in TD as well ?

Which camera(s) are you controlling? When I did it, it was all standard def. I’m curious if the new 4K ones are worth the $6000+.

Good luck with VISCA. It’s not so bad as long as you don’t flood the camera with realtime constantly updating PTZ messages. If you are mostly doing GoTo position at this rate type cues, it should work as expected and be reliable.

Still probably a good idea to add some sort of speed limit on outgoing commands. For instance if you send a bunch of commands at once to update all it’s parameters, you may find some never make it. Hopefully the new cameras have a bigger buffer.



I only have a free licences for now… will buy it if I have a tour of production for it.

I’m using a ptzOptics NDI camera, with 2k resolution.

I hope I can send direct position data and save this as values in my ques in a lightdesk…but if it dousn’t work I know why, thanks.

Where are you based? Do you have a website?