Artnet To Notch on a local PC

Hi All,

Really new to all of this but hope someone can shed some light on my issue - I’ve been trying to get Artnet working, using Onyx but the issue is that I can’t seem to get it working on a single PC -

I thought I had a solution and was advised to install the KV Loopback adaptor but just can seem to get Artnet data to Notch?

So no Fire wall, set KV loopback with a unique IP and then setup Notch with the IP of the KV, so to test I’m try to send Artnet from ELM -This is so I know that data is being sent and I can see packets and confirm that Artnet data is going out., I’ve tried a variety of settings, broadcasts over several and single Universes, Unicast and Multicast but no joy from Notch :frowning:

I’ve added the IP in notch - enabled a node and specified a channel and universe and started and stopped play with a rewinds… but still no data being recieved :frowning:

Is there a guide on how to setup this up for use on loop adaptor or am I missing some thing or is the Loop Adaptor a red herring…

I’d really like to build elements that I or others can control via Artnet / DMX software & consol based lighting systems and thinking this would be a great way of programme synching color and motion.

Thanks in advance…