Notch block in 10-bit color

I’m working on a project in the block/touch designer workflow, to be displayed on a LED screen set up and cabled for 10-bit.
My question is wether notch will actually generate 10-bit images with the high dynamic range ticked on the layer’s attribute menu.

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With High Dynamic Range enabled on the root node, an exported notch block will run at 16-bit channel. To make use of this in TouchDesigner you will need to change the Pixel Format of your Notch block inside TD to be 16-bit-float(RGBA). You do this in the Common section of the notch blocks parameters.

This will let you generate 16-bit images from your block in Touch. You can then convert that down to 10-bit for your display.

Hope this helps!

Well that’s great.
Passing the message to my fellow TD developer.
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