Node trail on cloned Shape 3D

Is it possible to generate a spline trail from cloned shapes via node trail? Having a shape moved per modifiers the node trail works perfectly but as soon as a shape is in a cloner the node trail doesn’t work. Combine geometry doesn’t work either. I find the node trail way more handy than generating trails through a particle system. I like splines :relaxed:

Interesting, so to clarify, you want to have a cloner system, and off of each clone generate a spline?

I don’t think this is doable right now, you could do it with a mesh emitter and a duplicate clone system with tiny shapes, but you’d be using the trail renderer still. i’ll pass it onto the dev team as something to look into though.

– Ryan

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The idea is to get splines dynamically generated with all the possibilities of effectors/affectors combined with let’s say a word cloud/text with spline deformer - meaning I can make use of the trails cause they’re splines.