Maximum nbr of emitter?

I need to use a lot of small emitters in my block. I think I got to a limit because when I use more than 64 emitters, notch crashes.
Is it a hard limit or we can go around it?

Just confirming i can repro the issue, checking with the dev team what’s going on and if it is an internal hard limit. However, I have to ask, 64 emitters seems like an insane amount. What’s the context you need that many for?

– Ryan

We need many emitters because each of them correspond to a different colour in the emission spectrum of 15 elements (14 colours by element). So it’s easier to control them (colour, mouvement, etc) independantly like that. They are all to the same Particle Root because some affectors affect all of them together as well. We could split them into more particles root but it’s not ideal.


In terms of colour, you can change the colour an emitter uses to multiple nodes seems like a bad method for that. multiple roots may work, but I think you might be taking the long way about making this setup.

Talking to the dev team, 64 is hard limit - but it shouldn’t crash, so we’ll be fixing that up.

– Ryan

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