Looping video is not working as expected


When trying to set up a looping video that starts looping after a certain amount of frames, until a certain frame is reached and then goes back to the loop-start-frame. I have noticed irregular behavior. Some videos loop 1 time correctly and then seem offset for the rest of the loops, while other videos (also the one embedded in the attached dfx) seem to mess up the first loop, but then loops correctly from there on.

Repro steps:

Just preview my attached dfx on the viewport

Expected result:

A seamless loop

Actual result:

Staggering loops, jumpcuts, can’t find a pattern in this behaviour.
looptest.dfx (1.6 MB)

Somehow this post didn’t end up in Issue Reporting.

Can anybody reproduce this what I describe above?


Hey there,

Sorry for the slow reply - we’ve been looking into this for a bit and managed to find a fix for it. It’ll be included in the next patch release of 0.9.23 - but we haven’t got an ETA for that yet.



A new build of Notch with a fix for this issue is now available.

You can download Notch v0.9.23.180 from Notch - DOWNLOADS - notch.one and read the full changelog here https://www.notch.one/releases/0-9-23/.

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