Loop Select Child Node

Is there a way to loop the value input on a select child node? I have a rig where a quantized accumulator sound setup is driving the values forward on the select child node, but I want to jump back to the beginning once the end result is surpassed. I tried messing around with condition and extractor modifers to get the value and reset it, but the accumulator cannot be reset at it’s ‘current value’ only it’s ‘value’ which doesn’t help.

So I I know I’ve gone the wrong way about this but can’t figure out another way that doesn’t involved what feels like to many convoluted steps, I want to keep this simple.

my work around was to repeat the child nodes to create the appearance of a loop for the duration of this section of a the music video, but I want to be able to expand this content into a live show and more importantly this technique…

any help greatly appreciated!

I would take the value into an expression modifier, with the expression set to “Value0 % (however many objects you have in the loop node)”, then output that to the select child. This will wrap the value fairly easily - I’m sure there are other ways too, just my first guess.

Again, thanks a lot for your help