LIDAR sensor communication via API

I’m new to Notch, but have a few years experience in Touchdesigner. I’d like to get a LIDAR sensor I have working with Notch, but I’m not sure if it’s possible in the existing scripting functionality. Does anyone have any experience importing libraries and/or injecting arrays of values into Notch from an external source via java script? I’m thinking of buying a Notch license if it works for this use case, but figured I’d ask if this is even possible before I dive into purchasing a license since not being able to save is making it tough to test!


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I should clarify - I realize that importing isn’t possible in javascript, but my question should be: is Notch’s scripting node capable of similar networking functionality to communicate with external hardware if I were to re-write the API in javascript?


Sounds interesting!
Which LIDAR sensor are you using?

Hi JP, I want to try to get my Hokuyo UTM-30LX-EW to work with notch directly - here’s the protocol it uses:

There’s also a sample visual studio project for a standalone receiver program, but you have to register to download it on that same site. Probably not directly useful either since it’s written in C++, but could be a good guide for porting it to notch somehow.