Issues with Face Tracker and media servers

Hey there,

I’m having trouble running my Face Tracker blocks in media servers.
They work super smoothly in the builder, no problem. I’ve done the installation and everything like indicated in the manual.
Then when I export the block and load it into TouchDesigner it doesn’t work even though I followed precisely every steps indicated here :
Installed the correct NVIDIA AR Broadcast SDK, copied the Demolition-NGXCUDA.dll to the right folder.

Is there anything I’m missing ? I’ve seen someone’s post here who’d forgot to copy the .dll and then it seems to have worked for him.

We did the same process on a
Green Hippo Tierra+ Media Server
Software Version 4.6.4
Nvidia Quadro RTX 6000
and the results were the same.

Maybe someone with experience on face tracking and media server could help me point out what I might be missing ?



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what GPU driver version is the server running?

I’m running the Studio Driver 472.84 and gotta double check for the hippo version.

EDIT : I also have to add that it is working perfectly when I export it as a standalone application. I really feels like I can’t find the way to make media servers read this Demolition-NGXCUDA.dll file.

Here is a simplified notch file that I can’t get to work within TD either.
test_rtx-facetracker.dfx (4.2 KB)

Within Builder, it works perfectly fine but as soon as I export the block and load it into Touch, nothing happens with the FaceTracker.

After some experimentation, for a face track block to work, you need to put the following dll files into the Derivative bin (or the relative location of the media server).


We’re not entirely sure as to why nvARPose.dll is needed, however without it, TD either crashes or the block doesn’t work if the other files are replaced alone.

We’ve only tested this in TD for now, so if anyone finds that it works in other use cases too, feel free to share. Also, since this is a TD-specific issue, feel free to direct their support team to this thread or to make contact with us directly. We’d love to be able to list the exact procedure in our manual.


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