Dear Notch Users!

I would like to use an image sequence as a particle sprite’s texture, where the image frames are the particles, in the birth order of the particle system where the first born particle is the frame 0 and the last is frame 2500 from the image sequence. Each particle plays the same image sequence as a texture, but from the frame when it is born, for example 5th particle is starting the playback from frame 5, and so on, I hope my question is understandable. Like a time-slice in space from an image sequence.
I tried many configurations for the particle emission: - emission rate 25 - because my sequence is 25, fps. The point-renderer use the sequence as the texture for the sprites. My particle system is locked to timeline, where the frame rate is also 25 fps.
It should be done easily, I suppose…
Any help would be appreciated!

I’ve attached a screenshot for the setup:
and the notch file:

Many-many thanks in advance!