Image file tile loader

I’m using the Image file tile loader. Force refresh property is adding new images to the tile sheet when they’re added to the watch folder. All good so far…

If I remove images from the folder and force refresh the removed images stay part of the tile sheet.

Anyone have a good way around this without resorting to “Force Full Reload”? I’m looking to remove just the missing images without having reload the entire sheet.


Did you find a work round at all ? I have a similar issue/need, in addition file name filter does not appear to be behaving as expected either.

This is being handled privately in support, but the short conclusion is that force reload is the option to use in this case. In terms of the file name filter not behaving as expected, could you explain further what the issue is?

– Ryan

I think the name filtering thing has to do with Notch sorting images by last edited date and not by name iirc. Think I’ve noticed this before at least. Convention in other apps is that an image named 000_AAA should be the first, and 999_ZZZ the last which makes auto image sorting a lot easier.

This is because in most cases, you want to update the tile sheet with the newest files, so it searches for the newest files first. The filter in this case uses regular expressions to limit the images it will search through by filename; e.g only jpgs (*.jpgs), files that begin with a (a*), etc. You currently can’t sort images with the node, but you can filter what it will look for.

– Ryan

I might have used the word “sorting” in a weird way here. What I meant by it was that if the tile placement were decided by name, not date, you could name a file 001_… and have it appear as the first tile, 003_… appearing as the third etc. This way you don’t have to do any sorting or categorising/tagging inside Notch to place a specific image at a specific tile. It will work automatically by name.

Isn’t the top left tile always the last updated, and the bottom right the first? Or something like that? First created? I think this was my main issue when trying out the node for a project where I ended up using a different application for the tiling. Then using that tiling as a texture over NDI I could apply fun stuff to it with effectors. I can see why it’d only search for new files from a efficiency/engineering perspective. From a usability perspective I don’t find that I’d like that in most cases to be true.

The only time I can see my customer wanting latest first is if they have a photographer on site that dumps images into a pool to display from, from time to time. Even then, naming is a better indicator as they usually follow the DSC0004321 … DSC0004322 pattern. For everything else, it is usually edited, re edited, then someone finds a mistake, then it gets edited again. This means that latest first has no real value as it is uncertain which image it will be - but it’s probably not the one you want in that place.