[Feature Request] Tile-sheet-exporter or camera node

Hi there! It would be nice to have a tile-sheet exporter or camera node inside Notch for animated particle sprite effects.
And also for live effects - like temporary store a tile-sheet or a texture atlas in the videocard memory (with normal maps and motion-vector channels of course:) and use it as a texture sprite - or even as a fake 3d mesh for time-delayed or time-randomized crowd effects with particles or clones.
(and for further purposes - like temporary store live camera feed for time-delayed effects)

Many thanks in advance!
Cheers, Ivo

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Hey there,

I think I can see a few ways this could work - I’ll talk to the dev team about what we can do.

In the mean time, I would convert the video to an image sequence and use an external tool to convert it to a tile sheet - I imagine photoshop has an option for this.



Thanks for your effort - currently I don’t have PS - but will look after some other solution.
(As if there was such a feature in Notch after importing - right click over the video in the bin and convert to tiled-image-sheet? But I may remember it badly. During the summertime - I played a bit with EmberGen’s demo - and it has a strong feature in it for exporting tile-sheet for game engines - I became envy for that - since all the elements we needed is there also in Notch)

Thanks for your feedback. Tile-sheets is a popular thing for game engines, but it’s more rarely used in Notch which is one of the reasons why it hasn’t been a priority. For now, you’ll need to rely on external tools for these features, which should be easy enough to do with a plethora of 3rd party tile-sheet tools.

Thanks, understand, currently I would use and not just as a tile-sheet, but as a frame-buffer too, would be handy not just externally, so I became happy: https://forum.notch.one/t/using-animated-sprites-for-fire-effects/1813